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    Quality service

    BAK Power is equipped with a professional after-sales team
    that integrates technology, market and service, and
    provides online and on-site maintenance, accessories
    and technical services at any time according to customer needs.

    Perfect after-sales service network

    Service outlets covering more than 50 cities provide customers with "one-stop" solutions.

    • 24-hour

      Customer service technicians provide 7 X 24 hours of timely product technical support and solutions. Service Email: info@bak.com.cn
      After-sales service hotline:

    • Real-time data

      It can track and understand the real-time conditions of the operating batteries at any time, and provide comprehensive power battery operation feedback reports to help customers optimize the power system of new energy vehicles.

    • Full service

      Complete customer training system Customized training materials Product life cycle training With the development of product manuals

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    BAK Power officia

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